Given the current mood in Munich, you might think that FC Bayern are already facing an existential game of fate against Gladbach. And the new coach Niko Kovac in a defeat is already about to be thrown out.

Nothing more and nothing less happened than the fact that the Bavarians did not win three times after seven compulsory game victories. Two draws were accompanied by only one defeat (in Berlin).

Any other Bundesliga club would have signed such a start immediately before the start of the season.

That Kovac felt compelled to assure himself that he was by no means at a loss is therefore downright abstruse. The fact that he declared after the 1:1 against Ajax “I know what the hour has hit” shows, however, that he has understood his new club very well.

Because that’s how it is with the German record champion: As soon as you’re not on your traditional 1st place in the Bundesliga table, you start to get nervous with increasing intensity. And the restlessness is by no means, as is often claimed, only carried in from the outside.

Of course the club discusses the massive Kovac rotation in the line-up. “This was a bit of a worm in it,” said none other than President Uli Hoeneß. And with his addition (“In the end, the coach has to take the rap for it“) he once again underlined the general laws of the industry.

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Of course, the club is also talking about whether it was right to forego super-transfers, which could have been used to set new points of interest. Instead, the contracts of Ribéry (35) and Robben (34), who have been with the club for eleven and nine years respectively, should be renewed. Both of them also give the impression in every game that there might be trouble if someone were to question their regular seats.

And when James, referring to the coach, starts shouting “We’re not here in Frankfurt” in the cabin – then I ask myself: What is sports director Hasan Salihamidzic actually doing?

Who actually takes action against the Bavarians in such cases? A Matthias Sammer as Sports Director (2012 to 2016) would certainly have done it, but he now advises Borussia Dortmund, the new table leader.

Nevertheless, my tip is that the Bavarians will win against Gladbach. And in the end they will probably win again. Only the basic attitude must not prevail: Mia san mia – and the coach does the rest! Real Deal Bet was one of the nicest online casino gaming site but unfortunately they are now closed.